About us

Deer Industry New Zealand undertakes functions relating to product categories originating from Deer, including deer velvet. It undertakes the following main functions:

  • Promotion
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research & Development 
  • Market Access and Industry Representation

Deer Industry New Zealand undertakes a range of programmes on behalf of all industry stakeholders (not any one sector) and is accountable to the entire industry. It does not buy or sell any deer products, but works closely with those that do. Any trade enquiries are provided directly to relevant processors or exporters.


Deer Industry New Zealand promotes New Zealand venison, velvet and co-products in both New Zealand and a range of export markets. The positioning depends on the market. For example in venison's case, qualifying venison is positioned as Cervena in North America, while venison is positioned as Neuseeland Hirschfleisch in Germany, and generally as farm-raised venison in New Zealand.

Quality Assurance

Deer Industry New Zealand co-ordinates and administers industry quality assurance programmes:

  • On Farm
  • Processors
  • Stock and Station Agents
  • Transport operators.

Research & Development

Deer Industry New Zealand carries out research (via research providers) on behalf of the deer industry. For example:

  • Research to support international trade negotiations to open and/or maintain market access for deer products
  • Production research to improve farming systems and on-farm management practices
  • Product composition and efficacy research supporting the use of deer velvet as a health product
  • Quality and food safety standards research programmes for venison and velvet

Market Access and Industry Representation

Deer Industry New Zealand acts on behalf of the deer industry to assist New Zealand government agencies to improve market access and selling conditions for deer products.