Velvet export

Over 98% of the velvet produced in New Zealand is exported to our discerning markets, predominantly in North Asia.

New Zealand velvet exports have grown as demand increases from healthy food companies along with a general increase in traditional consumption in both China and Korea. For the New Zealand economy, New Zealand velvet exports around $43m1, up from around $30m only five years ago.

Only approved pack-houses and licensed velvet processors listed by New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) can export NZ velvet. New Zealand velvet exporters must have an approved Risk Management Programme recognised and audited by MPI.

Each consignment of New Zealand velvet must receive a specific health certificate from MPI before it can be exported.  Velvet must meet each countries relevant Overseas Market Access Requirement (OMAR), which is issued by MPI.

1 Statistics NZ; May 2016