Science is now beginning to reveal how velvet delivers so many health benefits, as research findings support the traditional experience of velvet’s restorative, protective and strengthening effects on the human body.

Immune function

Traditionally taken as a supplement before and during winter, deer velvet has been used for thousands of years to boost the body’s natural defences by supporting healthy immune function.


For all members of the family, deer velvet can improve the oxygen carrying components of the blood, aiding in mental sharpness and endurance.

Athletic performance

Deer velvet is widely used by athletes to support improved performance. More and more athletes are looking to deer velvet as a training aid, a promoter of recovery after physical activity and injury, and possibly an injury preventive.


While the ageing process is inevitable, deer velvet can be used as an anti-ageing aid, providing support for joint function, blood health, cholesterol, and tissue damage.

Healthy joint function

As well as providing support for joint health and mobility, deer velvet is highly valued for its bone strengthening effect.

Support for growth

A range of factors in deer velvet help support the growth and development of children, as well as enhancing the immune system and supporting mental ability.

Companion animals

For companion animals, the anti-inflammatory and immune function benefits of deer velvet help in the treatment of osteoarthritis, and assist with recovery following surgery.