Monday, May 2, 2022
News item

A recent AgResearch study on deer velvet’s effect on immunity has been summarised in a new eight-page brochure Velvet and Immunity. Rhys Griffiths, says while the brochure highlights a positive impact, claims for health benefits such as enhanced immunity need to be supported by further science to satisfy regulatory requirements.

“Preliminary research carried out in New Zealand shows that deer velvet extracts do have an impact on aspects of the human immune system” he notes.

Promising initial research findings about velvet and immunity are
covered in the new brochure.


While acknowledging the initial research findings look promising, Griffiths emphasises that caution is needed due to the small size of the study and that “significant investment is required, and further research needed before any type of claim might be made.”

Copies of the New Zealand Deer Velvet and DINZ brochure Velvet and Immunity can be requested by emailing Rhys Griffiths at  

As the biggest market for NZ deer velvet, South Korean customers can look forward to reading about the developments in a Korean language version of Velvet and Immunity available in Korea.