Monday, December 4, 2017
News item

New Zealand’s closest Korean partner, Korean Ginseng Corporation (KGC) had some VIP's visit in November. For the first time, KGC’s CEO Mr Park Jeong-wook spent a few days visiting the home of KGC’s nogyong (velvet) ingredient. DINZ CEO met with Mr Park during his visit to exchange ideas and thank KGC for its support and promotion of the New Zealand velvet industry.


KGC CEO Mr Park hands DINZ CEO D Coup the latest iteration of the successful Cheong Nuk brand – “Everytime”

The following week, the top 20 Cheongnuksam sales representatives from KGC, along with senior marketing executives came out to New Zealand as part of an internal KGC Sales promotion. This was the third consecutive tour of high performing sales staff and creates a real buzz among the numerous retail staff over the Chuseok campaign period. Chuseok is Korea’s thanksgiving and the time of the biggest gift giving period. One part of the prize is to visit a NZ deer farm. A huge thanks to Raincliff Station for showing the group how New Zealand velvet is produced in the world’s best environment.

KGC 2017 Cheongnuksam Chuseok top sales staff promotion visiting Ranicliff Station.